QPEC SX Quinn Process Equipment Co. (QPEC SX) of Colorado was founded by James E. Quinn in 1993. James had previously worked for Denver Equipment Co. and Joy Manufacturing. He formed Hazen-Quinn Process Equipment under Hazen Research's ownership and had been manufacturing the SX since 1973. QPEC purchased 100% of the assets of H-Q in 1993 to continue manufacturing the equipment.

QPEC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of shippable size, free-standing FRP (fiberglass) solvent extraction mixer-settler systems for a wide range of minerals, including uranium, molybdenum, copper, yttrium, vanadium, all the Rare Earth elements, boron, lithium, tantalum, etc. etc. Sizes range from 1 liter per minute flows up to 450 cubic meters per hour for medium-size commercial solvent extraction mixer-settlers.

QPEC units are of "conventional" design. Our founder, James E. Quinn, was one of the original developers of the Pump Turbine technology, which allowed for advancing and mixing the flows, which dramatically improved SX systems' operation along with eliminating the need for interstage pumps.

IMPORTANT: QPEC Mixer-Settlers utilize impellers in the mix tanks, which are designed to both advance (pump) and mix the various feed streams (aqueous, organic and recycle) intimately as they enter the mixer eye. No interstage pumps are necessary; thereby, simplifying the control and operation of the units. The required only pumps are the external feed pumps for the aqueous and organic feeds to the system and their associated tanks, flowmeters and valves. Mixers can be furnished in simplex, duplex and even triplex configuration utilizing axial flow type auxiliary mixers.

Units can be fabricated in a wide range of FRP resins to suit the application. We design all QPEC mixer-settlers to have the same relative liquid level in both the mixer and settler to allow for simple shut-down and start-up with no need for surge tanks to accept backflow. Larger units will require a pad or some other form of support under the settler to bring the settler liquid height up even with the mixer tank's liquid height.

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