Quinn Process Equipment Company- Required Information:

We require the following information to submit our recommendations for a solvent extraction mixer-settler system. Generally, a flowsheet and test work have been done to generate this data.

For each set of SX Mixer-Settlers, please provide:

1) Circuits involved (i.e., extraction, wash, scrub, strip, etc.)
2) Number of stages in each circuit.
3) Flowrates for organic, aqueous and recycles (state whether organic or aqueous) for each circuit. Also, specific gravity for each. Or, provide desired mixer O: A ratio.
4) Mixer retention time required for each circuit.
5) Settler area requirements, normally stated in gallons per minute per square foot or cubic meters per square meter per hour.
6) Maximum velocity of flow through settler, or, if available, the desired aspect ratio of length to width for the effective settler area.
7) Nature and concentration of the various streams involved, or, if available, the construction's desired materials.
8) Electrical requirements, both voltage and enclosures for the motors.
9) Any special requirements for the site, such as venting, size limitations (doorways, etc.), indoor or outdoor installation and seismic or loading for settler covers (if required).
10) Operating Temperature.

If you do not have a flow sheet and the above sizing data, please advise. If you need assistance with this information generation, we are familiar with some consultants willing to assist.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to submit our recommendations for this and any other future projects.


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