Our Experience

QPEC SX has worked with an extensive clientele through the years, providing them with efficient equipment and simple mixer-settler installations. Contact us for more details about our mixer mechanisms for mining.

Mixer-Settler Installations

These units have always included the mixer and settler tank(s) and also the complete mixer mechanisms.

Partial List of Installations

QPEC Mixer-Settler Units

The following is a partial list of QPEC Mixer-Settler installations. As indicated, our installations cover a wide range of minerals such as REEs, copper, molybdenum, indium, germanium, gallium, boron, yttrium, uranium, vanadium, etc.




1. Noranda Agnew Lake Uranium
2. Freeport Chemical Uncle Sam, LA Uranium from phosphoric acid
3. Wyoming Minerals Bingham Canyon, UT Uranium from copper leach tails
4. Heela Mining Arizona Copper from leach solution
5. Greenback Industries Arizona Copper from leach solution
6. United Chemical Arizona Copper from leach solution
7. Ranchers Exploration Naturita, CO Uranium-vanadium from leach tails
8. Brush Wellman Utah Uranium from leach solution
9. Bokum New Mexico 2000 ton uranium mill
10. Anaconda
Arizona Uranium from copper leach solution
11. AMOK, Ltd.
Saskatchewan Pilot plant for uranium ore
12. Kerr McGee
Idaho Pilot plant uranium-vanadium from phosphoric acid
13. Mono Power
Idaho Pilot plant uranium-vanadium from phosphoric acid
14. Energy Fuels
Blanding, UT 2500 tpd uranium-vanadium plant
15. Plateau Resources
Utah 800 tpd uranium-vanadium plant
16. AMAX
Iowa Paratungstate plant
17. Earth Sciences Ext.
Calgary, Alberta Uranium from phosphoric acid
18. Cerro Copper Prod.
Illinois Copper from leach liquors
19. Dennison Mines, Ltd.
Canada Yttrium recovery from uranium
20. Sociedad Chilena de Litio, ltd.
Chile Lithium plant-boron recovery
21. Hecla Mining
Utah Copper, gallium, germanium recovery
22. Cominco, Ltd.
British Columbia Indium recovery
23. P.T. Petrokujang
Indonesia Uranium from phosphoric acid
Chile Rhenium, molybdenum recovery
25. BHP-Utah Intl.
California Copper recovery
26. East Penn Mfg.
Pennsylvania Cleaning spent battery acid
27. Egypt
Egypt Mineral pilot plant
California Hazardous waste metal recovery
29. United Engineers
New York Remove sulfates from stack residues
30. Proler Intl./Western States Engineering
Arizona Copper recovery from waste material
31. Placer Dome, Inc.
British Columbia Copper pilot plant
32. Ivanhoe Myanmar/KD Engineers
Burma Copper pilot plant
33. Cabot Corp.
Pennsylvania 30 stage SX for Tantalum recovery
34. BHP/Bateman Eng.
Zimbabwe 9 stage unit for Cobalt recovery
35. BHP Minerals
California 10 stage pilot unit for confidential plant
36. AMAX Metals
Louisiana 6 stage pilot unit for confidential plant
37. Copper Range Mining/Davy International
Michigan 4 stage unit for Copper recovery
38. Phibrotech
Texas 2 stages replacement FRP units
49. American Microtrace
Nebraska 4 stages for proprietary process
40. BHP Minerals
4 stages for general application
41. Thai Copper Ind./Kvaerner Metals T
Thailand 2 stages 316LSS for copper recovery
42. BHP Minerals
4 stages for general application
43. US Filter
California 9 stages for confidential process
44. Inco
Newfoundland 22 stages for a confidential process
45. Alkane Exploration
Australia 15 stages for confidential process
46. Premier Technologies
Idaho 20 stages 316LSS unitsfor confidential process
47. Premier Technologies
Idaho 20 stages borosilicate glass units for confidential process
48. Molycorp
California 75 stages of retrofit mixer mechanisms to improve
49. Molycorp
California 86 stages of complete duplex mixers and settlers
50. Turkey AEA
Turkey 10 stages laboratory units for confidential process
51. Ferro Corp
Ohio 4 stages laboratory units
52. Kennametal Alabama Replaced numerous mixer tanks and mechanisms in
Existing facility with QPEC Mixers to improve
53. MP Materials California Additional stages for existing SX circuit

As can be seen from the above list, QPEC has furnished numerous mixer settlers to a wide range of new and repeat clients. Our units are in use throughout the world, with numerous plants in Canada, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Chile, to name a few.

We have furnished units with settlers as large as 25' x 62' and 32' x 62' with mixers for Chevron's Pana Maria plant and Energy Fuels at Blanding, Utah. QPEC units have treated pHs in the 1.0 range, and gpm flows from 100 ml/min. to 2000 gpm.

We design our pilot plant units as package systems complete with all interstage piping and provision for recycles as necessary, mounted on a common structural steel frame, complete with electric drive motors in explosion-proof construction with VFD speed controls shipped separately for customer installation.

All of the companies shown on the above list purchased the complete mixer-settler units from Quinn Process Equipment Company. All systems started up quickly without complications or failures. They all performed to complete satisfaction without difficulty.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to submit our recommendations for this and any of your future projects. Please visit our contact page for a list of the data required for us to submit our recommendations.